Curious About Chicagoland Schools?

Curious about the Schools in Chicagoland? As a Real Estate Professional I get asked all the time about what school district the home is in, are the schools good, what are the schools sports teams like, etc. The challenge is there are so many different school districts in the Chicago marketplace, as Real Estate Professionals we never want to be overly critical of a Chicagoland school, and we do not want to give our clients bad information.  I have a solution for perspective home owners and people relocating to Chicagoland,  this website is a review website of schools nationwide, most of the reviews are done by parents and should be taken into context. The school’s address and phone number are posted for you to contact. If you want to verify the address of your new home is in the appropriate school district, use the phone number to call the school or have your Real Estate Agent call the school to confirm.